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Do Satellite Temperature Trends Have a Spurious Cooling from Clouds?

The validity of the satellite record of global temperature is sometimes questioned; especially since it shows only about 50% of the warming trend as do surface thermometers over the 36+ year period of satellite record. The satellite measurements are based upon thermal microwave emissions by oxygen in the atmosphere. But like any remote sensing technique, […]

Do Falling Oil Prices Change the Math on Keystone? Probably Not

Keystone XL is a long term capital investment. As such, the economic decision to proceed with it, all other considerations aside, depends on the long term outlook for oil prices and alternatives. The current decline in prices is not likely to affect the decision to proceed unless they substantially reduced TransCanada’s capital spending. Even with […]

Hobgoblins, Fuzzy Math, and Wishful Thinking

In a recent post on the National Journal on-line, the founder of the Stella Group asserted that it is “nonsense…that renewable energy cannot meet the world’s energy needs… and many peer-reviewed global and country studies show just the opposite”.  He went on to state “most or all of our nation’s or globe’s energy needs can […]

China patiently challenges US military superiority

While the U.S. reacts to the scourges of Ebola and ISIS, China continues to patiently and steadily exploit weaknesses in U.S. military capabilities. The bipartisan U.S. China Commission is poised to release its annual report to Congress that details some of the specifics. The big lesson to learn from it is that the U.S. can […]

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Virgin Galactic’s spaceship crashes during testing, at least 1 dead

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashed during testing Friday, according to a Mojave Air and Space Port spokesperson and the FAA. A statement from Virgin Galactic said its partner Scaled Composites conducted the test flight Friday, during which a “serious anomaly” led to the “loss of the vehicle.” The WhiteKnightTwo aircraft, which carries the SpaceShipTwo, landed safely.

S. Korea, China express ‘deep concern’ over N. Korea’s nuclear advance

South Korea and China expressed “deep concern” over North Korea’s advances of its nuclear and missile capabilities and agreed to continue efforts to prevent the North from further developing such capabilities, Seoul’s chief nuclear envoy said Friday.

New Chinese Intelligence Unit Linked to Massive Cyber Spying Program

Chinese intelligence unit carried out a massive cyber espionage program that stole vast quantities of data from governments, businesses and other organizations, security analysts who uncovered the operation said Thursday. The activities of the Chinese unit called the Axiom group began at least six years ago and were uncovered by a coalition of security firms this month.

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