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How Much of Atmospheric CO2 Increase is Natural?

I frequently get asked the question, if natural CO2 emissions are about 20 times what anthropogenic emissions are, how do we know that all of the atmospheric CO2 increase is due to human activities? One answer often given (and the one I often use, too) is that since we emit twice as much as is […]

Climate Change Polls Are like the Weather: Everyone Likes to Talk About it.

Polls are interesting tools for persuasion but their validity depends on sample size and how the questions are asked. Most polls on issues that concern Americans put the environment near the bottom. While people may express concern about climate change, it is not what concerns them the most and it is less of a concern […]

In The Future, Will Only Robots Celebrate Labor Day?

Just in time for Labor Day, in the thick of the restaurant-heavy summer season, the New York Times reported: “Restaurant industry experts are predicting that the fast food business will undergo a technological revolution in the next few years that will place increasing numbers of robots and other labor-saving devices in the kitchens.” That story […]

Empirical Evidence Provides the Answer

The question of whether drilling can be conducted safely is not a theoretical one. The oil industry has decades of experience drilling safely in hostile environments. In spite of a solid track record, environmentalist always, always, make the same claims and have for decades.  Evidence to the contrary does not deter their rhetoric or campaigns, […]

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US steps up sanctions on Iran over nuclear program

The United States imposed new sanctions Friday on networks linked to Iran, stepping up pressure over Tehran’s controversial nuclear program. The Treasury Department said the sanctions target individuals and entities under Iran-related authorities that are involved in Iran’s missile and nuclear programs, efforts to evade international sanctions and support for terrorism.

Europe’s approach to Russia’s gas power

The Ukraine crisis has led to a rift between the West and Russia, with both sides imposing sanctions against each other. However, Russia’s gas exports have so far remained untouched – for a number of reasons.

USSTRATCOM enters into Space-Data Sharing Agreement with EUMETSAT

U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) announced today it entered into a new Space Situational Awareness (SSA) data-sharing agreement with the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT).

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