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The Presumption of Knowledge: The Fatal Conceit

This week, Senate Democrats were engaged in hand wringing and excessive rhetoric during a Senate Budget Committee hearing titled “The Costs of Inaction: The Economic and Budgetary Consequences of Climate Change.” Committee Chairman Patty Murray talked about the fiscal budget. The hearing was choreographed with the release of a report by the Council of Economic […]

Open The Spigots

Instability and conflict in the Middle East is on the rise and with it there is a greater risk that oil production could be interrupted. In Iraq, ISIS forces have put the country on the brink of civil war. Oil production in the North has been disrupted but that has been offset by production in […]

EPA Admits to Senate that CO2 Regs Not About Pollution Control

I usually don’t comment on what transpires in congressional hearings. But this is too good to pass up. On Wednesday, before the Senate EPW Committee, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy had this priceless quote regarding the EPA’s proposed carbon dioxide regulations (italics added): “And the great thing about this proposal is it really is an investment […]

Pat Host of Defense Daily Comments on “National Security Space Launch and the Industrial Base: Issues and Opportunities”

RD-180 Study Committee Adviser Approves Of DoD’s Pace Toward New Engine An adviser to the chairs of the Defense Department’s RD-180 study committee approved of the pace the Pentagon is taking toward developing a new rocket engine as a key lawmaker calls for DoD to accelerate its progress. Josh Hartman, CEO of Horizon Strategies Group, said […]

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Weather kills 2,000 a year; cold is top culprit

The weather kills at least 2,000 Americans each year and nearly two-thirds of the deaths are from the cold, according to a new government report. That may surprise some people, the researchers acknowledged. Hurricanes, tornadoes and heat waves “get more publicity, for some reason, than cold-related deaths,” said Deborah Ingram, one of the report’s authors.

European Space Agency rocket launches to take supplies to ISS

An Ariane 5 ES heavy rocket lifted off from South America late on Tuesday bearing Europe’s fifth and final robot supply ship for the International Space Station (ISS), mission control said. The rocket rose from the launch pad at the European Space Agency’s base in Kourou, French Guiana, with a payload of more than 20 tonnes, the biggest in ESA’s history, it said.

Chinese cyberattack hits Canada’s National Research Council

A “highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor” recently managed to hack into the computer systems at Canada’s National Research Council, according to Canada’s chief information officer, Corinne Charette.

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