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Three Pinocchios

Over the past months and right after the Senate defeated legislation authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline, President Obama said that the pipeline was just to move Canadian oil through the US to the Gulf Coast for shipment overseas.  He has also said that he is concerned about it environmental impacts, the small number of jobs […]

Is Global Warming Causing More Snowstorms?

It has become axiomatic (and fashionable) that any change we see in nature is caused by global warming climate change. Global warming was going to make snow a thing of the past. Until someone looked out the window and decided global warming causes more snow. The epic Buffalo, NY storm this week was still in […]

Five numbers reveal our energy future

When the newly elected Congress convenes in January, energy will be a priority. In fact energy is the “foundation” action item according to the just-released roadmap from Speaker of the House John Boehner. So this is a particularly good time to map out just how different the energy world is today, and will be in […]

Is the U.S. Negotiating a Secret Space Arms Control Agreement?

Republicans may be about to take the reins in the Senate but that doesn’t mean the administration is warming up its diplomatic muscles to cooperate and compromise with the Upper Chamber. Instead, it may look for ways it can push its agenda while avoiding Congress altogether. At least that’s what it appears to be doing […]

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Fearing Another Rocket Disaster, Russian Space Agency Delays Proton Launch

The upcoming launch of a Russian Proton-M rocket with a European telecommunications satellite on Friday has been postponed after technicians at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan discovered a fault in the vehicle’s control system on Wednesday, Russia’s Federal Space Agency said.

The Myth of ‘Clean Energy’

What energy buzzword do people misuse and misunderstand? Let’s start with the most obviously misused and misunderstood term in the energy lexicon, “clean energy.” Let’s compare it to other similarly useless but frequent and meaningless expressions from other aspects of modern life, such as “diet food,” “smart grid,” “artificial intelligence,” “virtual reality,” and my favorite, “quick study.”

Uranium Best Energy Performer on Rebound From Fukushima Drop

Uranium’s 18 percent rally makes it the best-performing energy commodity this year as the atomic fuel extends gains in a bull market amid signs that Japan will restart idled nuclear plants and China’s demand may strengthen. The fuel is poised for its first annual advance since 2010, beating returns from power-station coal and all five energy securities in the Bloomberg Commodity Index.

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