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Putin’s Cold War II

The Russian leader is itching for a fight, but don’t expect the Obama administration to do much about it. For many of us older Cold War veterans, watching Russia as it has evolved over the years has been a combination of a sick comedy and tragedy. Indeed, it has moved steadily from post-Cold War chaos […]

Uncle Sam’s Right to Know

A long time desire and goal of the telecommunications, Internet and mega-data storage high-tech “industry” – ostensibly in the name of privacy – is to have the marketable ability to store, but simply not be able to retrieve, the encrypted data of its paying customers. And the idea has recently gotten new life: According to […]

Perspectives on Collection, Retention, and Dissemination of Intelligence

In this new Policy Outlook, Institute Policy Advisor Daniel Gallington reviews how the U.S. government collects, retains, and uses intelligence information.  Gallington, a former Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Policy at the Department of Justice and Legal Adviser for Intelligence Oversight in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), brings a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities […]

America Is a Sitting Duck for Cyberattacks: The private sector’s Internet infrastructure is very vulnerable.

Here we go, beating ourselves up over the Edward Snowden-leaked National Security Agency programs designed to sort through trillions of telecommunications to find the few related to terrorism. Yet we don’t seem at all concerned about how fragile and vulnerable our huge private sector critical cyberinfrastructure, such as our electrical grid, Internet, banking and financial […]

Stating the Obvious About Surveillance

In a recent interview, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made the following – and painfully obvious – statements about the betrayals and disclosures of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden: I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will. Had we been transparent about this from the outset right after 9/11 — which is the genesis […]

New Weapons in the Hands of Dangerous Regimes

Institute Advisor Dan Gallington published the following op-ed at US News – http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/world-report/2014/02/14/keeping-an-eye-on-new-weapons-in-north-korea-and-iran   Like a few others in my generation who were gluttons for punishment, I spent a lot of the 1980s in negotiations with the former Soviet Union over the future of strategic weapons – specifically, strategic defensive weaponry and its associated research, development […]

Crunch Time for Reforming the NSA

Institute Fellow Dan Gallington discusses reform of the National Security Agency (NSA) on To the Point, a NPR radio program from Santa Monica, CA. A recording of the program is available here.

Daniel Gallington on NSA and Intelligence Collection Reforms

Institute Fellow Dan Gallington discusses the balance between public and private mining and tracking of personal information on Secure Freedom Radio. A recording of the program is available here.

The Case for Internet Surveillance

Consider the assumptions and conclusions about Internet privacy in the following recent quote from a Fox News article: Bruce Schneier, a security expert who worked with the Guardian to reveal the NSA’s secrets, said Thursday that the U.S. government had “betrayed the Internet.” By subverting the Internet at every level to make it a vast, multi-layered […]

Fighting Today’s Terrorists With Yesterday’s Rules

In the early 1970’s, the Watergate scandal was a huge moment for U.S. intelligence: The rules and definitions were rewritten (and in some cases written down for the first time) concerning the collection, retention and sharing of that category of national security information called “intelligence.” This was formalized alongside the basic roles and missions of […]

U.S. Can’t Wait for a 9/11-Scale Attack to Act on China Cyberspying

Recent reports of wide-scale and long-term Chinese Army cyberattacks against some of our private sector technology companies should come as no surprise. Not only that, it shows that the Chinese can go against cybersystems and cybertargets of their choice, including whatever of our “critical cyber infrastructure” they select to penetrate—or shut down. After years of […]

The Problem With ‘Drone Courts’

Critics of targeting terrorists overseas with drones should read about “Operation Vengeance,” the mission to kill Japanese Admiral Yamamoto in 1943. It started with President Roosevelt’s order to “get Yamamoto,” which was based on a decrypted message detailing Yamamoto’s travel plans. In a legendary air combat operation, Yamamoto’s airplane was intercepted and shot down by […]

Obama Needs a Nuclear ‘Kill List’

A couple weeks ago, I wrote here that we needed a far more aggressive strategic policy against terrorist organizations–especially the state sponsors of terror. I also recalled that it was PD-59–a strategic doctrine issued during the Carter administration specifically targeting the Soviet leadership–that “really got their attention” during the Cold War. And, that we needed […]

11 Ways to Fix U.S. National Security

Too many of our national security policies, practices, and decisions operate to encourage and embolden our sworn enemies, rather than deter or discourage them. For example: Our responses to the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the attack on Khobar Towers in 1996, and the attack on the USS Cole in 2000 all demonstrated […]

Washington Silliness – Low/No Nukes and Cybersecurity

We call this the “silly season” in Washington, a favorite “inside the beltway” expression for the strange things that happen during election time – and when folks of all political persuasions say and do dumb things. This year is no exception; however, there are two recent ideas that transcend the usual electioneering goofiness. They are: Suggestions from the Obama Administration […]

Three Political Predictions for 2012

First. For a number of reasons, just one of which is our coming revenue shortage tsunami, Congress will undertake a massive effort to totally revise/repeal the current internal revenue/income tax law. Which, by virtue of thousands of special interest rulings and amendments over the years, is in tatters – and therefore no longer serves as […]

Drone on – Again, But Explain the US Citizen Part

I had no hing to the efforts to track, target and kill the American ex patriot terrorist Anwar al-aulaqi when I wrote “Drone On” last week. My purpose then was address some rather silly arms control and law of armed conflict objections related to the use of drones – objections which I believe are either […]

Drone On

No, this isn’t about politics or politicians, even though it’s a fitting title, especially as the campaign for the 2012 presidential election has already started and there’s a lot of “world class” droning going on. It’s about the kind of drones that fly around silently, without human pilots aboard, and drop bombs on or launch rockets at terrorist […]

The Pentagon “Equivalence Doctrine” Relating to Cyber War

Daniel Gallington talked to C-SPAN about the Pentagon “equivalence” doctrine relating to cyber war, which allows for a conventional weapons response to a cyber attack. Mr. Gallington also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. http://www.c-span.org/video/?299825-5/us-response-cyber-attacks

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