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The Climate of Insecurity

In this new Policy Outlook, Institute President Jeff Kueter considers claims that climate change will result in conflict.  Recently the State and Defense Departments have reiterated their belief that environmental factors can precipitate armed conflict and the IPCC 5th Assessment Report endorses this view. Drawing on his 2012 study of the issue, Kueter evaluates the claims and […]

Climate and National Security: Exploring the Connection

Does a changing climate pose national security problems for the United States?  This question is answered increasingly “yes.” And, with that affirmative answer, strategies, programs, and budgets are changing with significant implications for the future. In summary, efforts to link climate change to the deterioration of U.S. national security rely on improbable scenarios, imprecise and […]

Is Climate a National Security Problem?

The United States faces many security challenges in the months and years ahead – environmentally induced conflict ranks low amongst them.

Climate Change and National Security: Are They Linked?

Increasingly, it has become common to assert that environmental change brought on by rising temperatures caused by humanity’s industrial activities and lifestyle choices will negatively impact U.S. national security interests.  A new paper by Institute CEO William O’Keefe examines the basis for these claims. In Climate Change and National Security: Are They Linked?, O’Keefe examines the […]

National Security, Energy Security, and a Low Carbon Fuel Standard

The national low carbon fuel standard will not result in significant improvements for U.S. national security, preferentially supports fuels that have significant costs, limitations, and environmental consequences of their own, and precludes the use of readily available fuels.

Climate Change and National Security

Make no mistake about it, when advocates make their case for reducing energy use or moving away from oil, they are really talking about affecting how citizens live.

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