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The Best Way to Write a Climate Rule is by leaving the Paper Blank

The notion that EPA can write a climate rule that does not do far more harm than good is truly a triumph of hope over experience. That fact that the Obama Administration is even trying is a manifestation of Hayek’s Fatal Conceit. Over the years, environmental regulations have become more complex, more intrusive, and more […]

Forget Forgetting on the Internet: The Birth and Death of a Right to Be Forgotten

On May 13, the European Union’s Court of Justice ruled that citizens under its jurisdiction have a so-called “Right to be Forgotten,” essentially, that individuals have a right to leave embarrassing or adverse information from their past, in their past. On its face, the notion is appealing. Who wouldn’t want to be judged by the […]

Directed Energy Weapons: Prospects and Technology

The Department of Defense has been researching and developing high-energy military lasers for decades, and these weapons systems are currently a subject of debate in Congress. A House Armed Services Committee panel described the Army’s Solid State Laser Testbed and the Navy’s Laser Weapon System as “items of special interest” in its draft of the […]

Space in the National Interest: Security in a Global Domain

On paper, the United States has the world’s most powerful military. It has the largest navy, the most modern and combat-tested army, and an air force unparalleled in its full-spectrum capabilities. On paper, the United States dominates every potential adversary on the land, sea, and in the air. But of course, wars do not occur […]

China, Russia Resume Push for Content Restrictions in Cyberspace

China and Russia have launched a global campaign to regulate content on the Internet that, if successful, would slowly destroy cyberspace as a means of self-expression, freedom and unregulated speech. While they are still far from achieving their goals, Moscow and Beijing sense an opportunity in the outraged reaction to former National Security Agency contractor […]

How To Fix Our Broken Nuclear Weapons Enterprise; DoD Must Take Over

Why is America’s nuclear weapons enterprise — the vast array of national laboratories and other facilities that make, build and maintain our nuclear warheads — so problem-ridden? Is it because the big weapons laboratories (Los Alamos, Livermore, and Sandia) have too much autonomy, or because they have too little? Is it because the Department of Energy (DOE) […]

Cuban Twitter: Not as Silly (or Stupid) as it Sounds

When the Associated Press revealed that the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development had funded ZunZuneo as a sort of Twitter for Cuba, it provoked peals of laughter, ridicule and criticism. Sen. Patrick J. Leahy called it “dumb, dumb, dumb.” The senator has a point. The program did not last more than two years […]

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