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Crony Capitalists Exploiting Consumers and Economic Growth

The recently introduced carbon rule from the Environmental Protection Agency is crony capitalism run amok. If the proposed rule goes into effect, which is not a certainty, companies who profit from influencing regulations will be the winners. Those who are guided by the marketplace, including consumers, will be the losers. Of course, the Obama Administration […]

A Skeptical Look at the Carbon Tax

The year 2013 will see a major political debate over proposals for a carbon tax—a tax on emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). The justifications for the proposals include: (1) a desire to reduce emissions to prevent a rise in global temperatures; and (2) the hope that a carbon tax could substitute […]

“Rigidifying” Climate Policy

In her book, March of Folly, the late historian Barbara Tuchman coined the terms “mental standstill” and “rigidifying” to describe a state  “where principles … governing a problem are fixed and then made rigid when dissonances and failing begin to appear.  This is the period when … rethinking, and change of course are possible”.  Instead, […]

EPA’s Backdoor Approach to Cap-and-Trade

Last week, EPA announced its landmark plan to limit greenhouse emissions from newly constructed power plants. The proposed emission rules are the first move by the world’s largest economy to broadly regulate these emissions. It exemplifies Groucho Marx’s observation that “politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and […]

Ethical Questions Surround Climate Advocacy Group

Washington D.C. attracts a seemingly infinite number of special interests and advocacy groups lobbying for federal policies crafted to enrich them. Many of these groups have names that ring of high principle and social responsibility, regardless of the merit of their actual goals. And this month one more entered the scene: the National Climate Ethics […]

A Bad Bill For Cap-And-Trade

The bottom line is that Waxman-Markey will leave our economy weaker and our families poorer; only traders and the politically favored will be better off. That’s a deal that we can do without.

Senate Climate Conference Offers One-Sided View

WASHINGTON – The Domenici-Bingaman White Paper and scheduled “conference” appears to raise a number of important questions to stimulate discussion leading to the development of legislation, but it is clear that the objective is not a search for the right path; it is a justification for a regulatory program based on a mandatory “cap and […]

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