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The House Always Wins

Wall Street is like a Las Vegas casino. It always wins by making money under almost any set of circumstance. Just think of all the imaginative ways that it did that with derivatives, carbon trading, and hedging before the last bubble burst. Climate change like politics makes strange bedfellows. Environmentalists will team with anyone who […]

Mark Twain on Climate Alarmism

Mark Twain once observed that he was not bothered by all the things that people didn’t know; he was bothered by all the things they know that just aren’t true.  If he was alive, he could direct that comment to the former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson who is now speaking out as a […]

Carbon: All tax, no benefit

The Obama administration’s decision to use its regulatory authority to regulate carbon emissions has led to renewed interest in a carbon tax as a more effective alternative. Some in the media and business community are trying to give new life to a carbon tax. Giving Congress the power to tax carbon would be analogous to […]

A Skeptical Look at the Carbon Tax

The year 2013 will see a major political debate over proposals for a carbon tax—a tax on emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), particularly carbon dioxide (CO2). The justifications for the proposals include: (1) a desire to reduce emissions to prevent a rise in global temperatures; and (2) the hope that a carbon tax could substitute […]

Generational Amnesia

If the Obama Administration and Democrat leaders in Congress pursue a carbon tax as part of their deficit and climate policies, they will test the old axiom that if you don’t learn from history, you are condemned to relive it. In 1993, President Clinton proposed a BTU tax on energy in his first budget. The […]

“Rigidifying” Climate Policy

In her book, March of Folly, the late historian Barbara Tuchman coined the terms “mental standstill” and “rigidifying” to describe a state  “where principles … governing a problem are fixed and then made rigid when dissonances and failing begin to appear.  This is the period when … rethinking, and change of course are possible”.  Instead, […]

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