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Water Vapor Feedback and the Global Warming Pause

Global warming is the predicted result of increasing atmospheric CO2 causing a very small (~1-2%) decrease in the rate at which the Earth cools to outer space though infrared radiation. And the since temperature change of anything is always the result of net gains and losses of energy, a decrease in energy lost leads to […]

How Much of Atmospheric CO2 Increase is Natural?

I frequently get asked the question, if natural CO2 emissions are about 20 times what anthropogenic emissions are, how do we know that all of the atmospheric CO2 increase is due to human activities? One answer often given (and the one I often use, too) is that since we emit twice as much as is […]

The Magic of Models

A study recently published in the journal Nature Climate Change has gained a lot of attention in the environmental community and mainstream media—National Geographic for example. According to the study, the Keystone XL pipeline could produce four times more greenhouse gases than the State Department estimated in its final review in January. Since the study […]

Lake Superior Water Level Sees Fastest Rise in 98 Years

As a result of unusually heavy precipitation, the water level in Lake Superior has increased rapidly in the last year, by about 14 inches (based upon 3 month averages). This rate of rise is the fastest 12-month increase ending in April-May-June average levels since 1916, and the 2nd fastest since records began in 1860 (154 […]

95% of Climate Models Agree: The Observations Must be Wrong

I’m seeing a lot of wrangling over the recent (15+ year) pause in global average warming…when did it start, is it a full pause, shouldn’t we be taking the longer view, etc. These are all interesting exercises, but they miss the most important point: the climate models that governments base policy decisions on have failed […]

The Pretense of Knowledge and Hubris, and Predictions of Dread

In accepting the Nobel Prize in economics, Frederich Hayek’s remarks dealt with the The Pretense of Knowledge. Those remarks included prescient observations about the consequences of actions that do not reflect the limits of knowledge. “If man is not to do more harm than good in his efforts to improve the social order, he will […]

Why Has There Been No Global Warming for the Last Decade?

On Thursday, October 10, Marshall Institute Chairman, Dr. William Happer, a professor of physics at Princeton University, delivered remarks on climate change science before the Princeton Physics Colloquium. The speech offers a detailed scientific examination of the role of carbon dioxide in driving temperature change.

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