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Has The Guardian “Rolling Stoned” Christy & Spencer?

That tireless ecological zealot over at The Guardian, Dana Nuccitelli, took the opportunity of our 25th anniversary of satellite-based global temperature monitoring to rip us a new one. Comparing John Christy and me to “scientists who disputed the links between smoking and cancer”, Dana once again demonstrates his dedication to the highest standards of journalism. […]

What if Boston Had Record Low Snowfall?

By yesterday evening, Boston officially received its greatest seasonal snowfall on record, 108.6 inches. The popular meme is that this is just one more example of human-caused climate change. But unless you are in elementary school, or just don’t pay attention to what scientists or Al Gore say, you will remember when global warming was […]

Even Though Warming Has Stopped, it Keeps Getting Worse?

I was updating a U.S. Corn Belt summer temperature and precipitation dataset from the NCDC website, and all of a sudden the no-warming-trend-since-1900 turned into a significant warming trend. As can be seen in the following chart, the largest adjustments were to earlier years in the dataset, which were made colder. The change in the […]

Winters in Boston Becoming Drier

Much has been said in recent weeks about how bigger snowstorms in Boston are (supposedly) just what climate models have predicted. “Global warming” is putting more water vapor into the air, leading to more “fuel” for winter storms and more winter precipitation. While this general trend is seen in climate models for global average conditions […]

A Meaningless Poll on Global Warming

he New York Times, Stanford University, and Resources for the Future recently collaborated on a public opinion poll on global warming.  The Times then ran a long article stating that “ an overwhelming majority of the American public, including half of Republicans, support government action to curb global warming.”  Surprise, Surprise! For over 20 years, […]

Northeast Snowstorms & Atlantic Water Vapor: No Connection in Last 27 Years

One of the theories of how snowstorms can be made worse is that warming oceans provide more moisture for fuel. While the theory sounds logical and even attractive, there are many ingredients that go into snowstorm formation. There has to be a synoptic scale disturbance feeding off the temperature contrast between the land and ocean, […]

How the Climate System Works (for Dummies)

No, I’m not talking about how the climate system has helped dummies make money off it. I’m taking the occasion of continued pestering by our Aussie friend Doug Cotton, and questions I still get about his views, to go over the basics. The atmosphere is complex enough that, from time-to-time, I try to explain the […]

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