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Failure is Preordained

The climate establishment continues to push for deep emission reductions even though they are impractical and would certainly do more harm than good. Meetings like the one that will be held in Paris are detached from reality and simply provide the attendees with a taste of the good life. The emerging economies want to achieve […]

What’s the Climate Pledge Worth? Absolutely Nothing

It is amazing that anyone could take this agreement seriously. It clearly demonstrates that clear thinking is a victim of zealotry. The agreement is analogous to a race between two high performance cars where the driver of one agrees to run on four cylinders. Little doubt about who wins. China, which is building a new […]

Son of Kyoto

The MIT analysis should be a sobering message to the climate change cultists. The Global Change Program at MIT is first rate and is comprised of serious scholars. Jake Jacoby is a well regarded economist and the study conducted by him and his colleague is rich in significance. It is unfortunate, however, that the study […]

U.S. Energy Emissions Holding Steady

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions continue to drop, reaching levels not seen since the early 1990s, according the Energy Information Administration (EIA).  The deep economic recession accounts for some of this decline, but it is illustrative to note that U.S. gross domestic product has posted growth since late 2009 (see  Even assuming for lags in industrial […]

“Rigidifying” Climate Policy

In her book, March of Folly, the late historian Barbara Tuchman coined the terms “mental standstill” and “rigidifying” to describe a state  “where principles … governing a problem are fixed and then made rigid when dissonances and failing begin to appear.  This is the period when … rethinking, and change of course are possible”.  Instead, […]

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