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Complexity Equals Uncertainty and Vulnerability

The proposed power plant rule is one of the most complex rules ever drafted by EPA. The complexity creates a vulnerability and significant risk that it fall or get substantially modified. There is a significant likelihood that the rule cannot be finalized by the time President Obama leaves office. If that is the case, and […]

The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back?

Elections normally don’t turn on one act or event. There is generally an accumulation of factors that influence voter preferences. As in many situations in life, a tipping point can be reached that results in an unexpected and significant change. The EPA rule could prove to be a tipping point. Even before the climate rule […]

Crony Capitalists Exploiting Consumers and Economic Growth

The recently introduced carbon rule from the Environmental Protection Agency is crony capitalism run amok. If the proposed rule goes into effect, which is not a certainty, companies who profit from influencing regulations will be the winners. Those who are guided by the marketplace, including consumers, will be the losers. Of course, the Obama Administration […]

The Best Way to Write a Climate Rule is by leaving the Paper Blank

The notion that EPA can write a climate rule that does not do far more harm than good is truly a triumph of hope over experience. That fact that the Obama Administration is even trying is a manifestation of Hayek’s Fatal Conceit. Over the years, environmental regulations have become more complex, more intrusive, and more […]

Red Queen Rules EPA

In Alice in Wonderland, the Red Queen is known for many remarks that stand logic on its head.  One of the best known is, “verdict now, trial later.”  EPA Administrator McCarthy has done the Red Queen one better. Verdict now, no trial. EPA asserting authority under the Clean Water Act has begun a pre-emptive veto […]

EPA’s Backdoor Approach to Cap-and-Trade

Last week, EPA announced its landmark plan to limit greenhouse emissions from newly constructed power plants. The proposed emission rules are the first move by the world’s largest economy to broadly regulate these emissions. It exemplifies Groucho Marx’s observation that “politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and […]

Ozone Exemplifies Diminishing Returns

The fact that President Obama had to direct his Environmental Protection Agency to delay its proposed ozone NAAQS illustrates just how ideological and myopic the agency has become. Regulators lacked compelling reason or legal requirement to issue a new rule before 2013, when the ozone standard will come up for its 5-year review required by […]

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