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The IPCC’s Magic Touch

Like a magician who uses misdirection to focus attention on what he appears to be doing and not on what he is actually doing, the just released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) 5th Assessment Report (AR5) tries to shift attention from significant uncertainties by issuing a statement that it is extremely likely that warming since 1950 has been mainly caused by human activities. Indeed, it increases its probability estimate from 90% to 95%.

The Next IPCC Report: Leaks, Spin, and Efforts Not be Embarrassed

One thing seems certain. The IPCC will not admit to past errors in its assessments or to the inadequacy of the models on which it has relied on to support its preconceived judgments.

Debate Over Need To Panic About Global Warming

Last month, the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal feature a column signed by 16 scientists—a group of distinguished physicists and engineers—which challenged the conventional wisdom of an impending climate catastrophe. Its authors made the case that there are no compelling scientific arguments support the calls made by activists and politicians for drastic action […]

Concern, Not Over-reaction: A Response to Business Week Climate Change Cover Story

The potential for humans to harm climate is a legitimate cause for concern, but that concern needs to be channeled in useful directions.

Global Warming Smear Targets

While most of official Washington was captivated with the fight on the Senate floor to pass an energy bill before Congress left town for its August vacation, a vicious campaign was under way behind the scenes to smear two leading scientists for pointing out serious flaws in the science behind the theory of human-caused climate […]

Improving the Value and Management of Climate Research

Distinguishing between near term and longer-term research needs as the Climate Change Strategic Plan does can be an important step in improving the policy planning process.

Climate Science and Policy: Making the Connection

Scientific assessment is the critical step in turning scientific information into useful input for public policy decisions. It needs to be carried out at both the national and international level. The U.S. does not have a credible, ongoing assessment process and needs to establish one.

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