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The Truth is Inconvenient: Evaluating Gore’s Claims About the Political Dimensions of the Climate Change Debate

Mr. Gore’s book should be recognized for what it is—a summation of a particular perspective on climate science, its implications, and the meaning for policy. They are undoubtedly his views and are shared by others.

Climate Policy: A Reality Check

Healthy skepticism makes good journalism and is recognized as a virtue. In the climate debate, unfortunately, it has been treated as a vice. It should not be.

Washington Post: G-8 Urges Action on Global Warming, With General Goals

[A] drastically slimmed-down version of earlier G-8 drafts, states that although some uncertainties about climate change remain, “we know enough to act now and to put ourselves on a path to slow, and, as science justifies, stop and then reverse the growth of greenhouse gases.”

Improving the Value and Management of Climate Research

Distinguishing between near term and longer-term research needs as the Climate Change Strategic Plan does can be an important step in improving the policy planning process.

It is Time to Move Beyond Kyoto

We believe the recent results highlight the fact that more research is necessary and that time is available to do it. With the resources of money and scientific brainpower already committed to research on the factors controlling climate, we can be confident that in the coming years the climate experts will have a more reliable base for predicting 21st century climate.

National Security and Military Policy Issues Involved in the Kyoto Treaty

The threat of serious man-made climate change is too tentative and uncertain to claim equal status with existing and future threats to America?s national security. Inclusion of military operations in a climate change treaty is inconsistent with the international obligations of our military forces.

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