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Climate Industry’s Annual Meeting

Each year, the UN holds a major conference of about 200 nations to deal with the alleged threat from climate change. It has become the equivalent of the climate industry’s annual meeting. Attendance is in the thousands and not only includes UN officials and government representatives but special interests that make money off of the […]

10 Ways To Tell Tuesday’s UN Climate Summit Isn’t About Climate

Next Tuesday’s UN climate conference in NYC (called Climate Summit 2014) is for politicians, celebrities, and rent seekers. It’s not about climate science, nor Saving the Earth from “carbon emissions” of fossil fuels. Here are ten ways to tell the United Nations really isn’t interested in climate per se. Some of us suspected over 20 […]

Immorality in UN Climate Talks

The meeting is Durban will likely follow the script of all past meetings. Self important government bureaucrats and special interest rent-seekers will spend the better part of rushing from meeting to meeting and wringing their hands over the lack of action and consensus. At the 12th hour of the last day, ministers and lead negotiators […]

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