Climate Issues and Facts

The George C. Marshall Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Climate Issues and Facts.  Authored by James V. Delong, this is a new and updated edition of Climate Issues and Questions, which the Institute first produced in 2004.

Climate Issues and Facts poses and answers a series of 19 questions covering topics such as climate models, natural variability, drivers of climate processes, and the effects of the Sun and greenhouse gases, and provides the reader with end notes and bibliography.

As Mr. DeLong states, “The purpose of this document is to address a set of fundamental questions about climate change by summarizing the best available scientific information about them.  The information provided is not intended to rebut claims about human impacts on climate or the potential for adverse impacts later this century.  It is intended to separate fact from speculation and to demonstrate that while concerns are legitimate, there is not a robust scientific basis for drawing definitive and objective conclusions about the extent of human influence and future climate. The presentation moves from what is well established, to what is not certain, to what is unknown, and may be unknowable.”

James V. DeLong is Vice President & Senior Analyst of the Convergence Law Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education on public policy issues, especially in the areas of energy, technology, and intellectual property. He is an adjunct scholar with the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Heartland Institute.  Mr. DeLong has also been Senior Fellow at The Progress & Freedom Foundation; Senior Analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute; and Vice President of the National Legal Center for the Public Interest.

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