Improving the Value and Management of Climate Research

In December 2002, the Department of Commerce held a three-day workshop on the Bush Administration’s Climate Change Strategic Plan. This plan reflects the Bush Administration’s plan for research on climate and global change. Research includes the nation’s longer-term effort authorized by the Global Change Research Act and the Administration’s near-term effort to reduce significant uncertainties and improve policy and resource management.

The workshop objective was to seek “stakeholder” input on the draft plan. The Administration’s near-term goal over the next two to four years is to reduce a number of scientific and informational uncertainties that are important for enhancing climate policy so that actions are more closely related to our state of knowledge and with a better understanding of the consequences that flow from them. Over 1300 people from 36 countries participated in this workshop which was organized around a series of plenary addresses and breakout-group panels. The President of the Marshall Institute attended the workshop, participating on a panel addressing decision support and serving on the wrap up panel to summarize important issues raised over the course of three days.

This document expands on the remarks he made as a member of those two panels. We begin with some background information to provide a context for the views expressed on the panels that are expanded on in this paper.

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