Marshall Institute Comments on the Draft Strategic Plan of the U. S. Climate Change Science Program

The George Marshall Institute’s report Climate Change Science: A Review of the Draft Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan was designed to provide insights into and recommendations for the U.S. climate science programs.

In late 2002, the Institute assembled a panel of scientific experts to review the revised draft of the 10-year strategic plan for the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP). The USGCRP plan is being updated to incorporate consideration of President Bush?s Climate Change Research Initiative (CCRI) activities.

The report offers a framework for prioritizing climate change research given the many uncertainties that exist. Specifically, the report recommends that research in the following areas be given the highest priority:

  • Achieving a more complete theoretical understanding of important climate processes needed to better understand both natural and potential human influences on the climate system;
  • Building and maintaining the climate observation network and data management system needed to generate the high quality data required to provide the empirical insights to the climate system and its changes. This can lead to improved theoretical understanding and an ability to build and test climate models; and
  • Developing from an improved observational system the empirical information and theoretical knowledge needed to assess adaptation options.

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