Open Letter to Matthew Quayle, Executive Producer of Squawk Box on CNBC Presentation “Fire and Ice”

In an open letter to Matthew Quayle, Executive Producer of CNBC’s Squawk Box television show,  Marshall Institute CEO William O’Keefe says:

Climate change is a very complex subject. It is understandable that people in the media have difficulty grasping that complexity. That is reason for caution and for emphasis on doing what journalists are supposed to do in developing a story–dig into the facts, look at the data and be more than a little skeptical about claims of certainty in a field dominated by uncertainty. Taking a few pieces of a complex puzzle and then filling in the blanks to promote an image or preconception does not solve the puzzle and is not journalism. Your program did not enlighten; it misled. I urge you to take another but more objective and comprehensive look at the climate change issue so that your viewers will be better informed about this important issue.

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