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Are state-level renewable-energy laws good policy? No!

There are two reasons why states and environmental advocates have promoted “renewable portfolio standards (RPS).” First, a concern that we would run out of natural gas. Second, a belief that CO2 emissions must be reduced to avoid adverse climate change. Neither reason withstands close scrutiny. The evidence is unmistakingly clear, renewable mandates are a back […]

Hobgoblins, Fuzzy Math, and Wishful Thinking

In a recent post on the National Journal on-line, the founder of the Stella Group asserted that it is “nonsense…that renewable energy cannot meet the world’s energy needs… and many peer-reviewed global and country studies show just the opposite”.  He went on to state “most or all of our nation’s or globe’s energy needs can […]

The Presumption of Knowledge

Over the past few weeks attention has been focused on the roll out debacle of the Affordable Care Act—aka ObamaCare.  This is a case that is the opposite of too big to fail– too big to succeed.  While it might seem that there is no connection between ObamaCare and alternative energy policies and biofuels mandates, […]

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