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A Framework for a New U.S. Energy Policy

In A Framework for a New U.S. Energy Policy,Institute CEO William O’Keefe and Institute President Jeff Kueter outline principles to guide the development of U.S. energy policy in the years to come.  Drawing on the lessons learned from years of ad hoc policy approaches to energy issues, the report details “the basic lessons learned over the […]

Biofuel Policy Follies

In this Policy Outlook, Institute CEO William O’Keefe examines federal biofuels policy concluding that history of federal subsidies and mandates for ethanol and its derivatives (notably, cellulosic ethanol) have failed. O’Keefe argues that federal mandates and monetary supports for biofuels have had little positive impact, but have come at great cost to the American public. He […]

Popular Delusions and the Madness of Government

The time is long past when the entire ethanol boondoggle should be shut down.

Crony Capitalism in Biofuels Policy

The starting point for any consideration of a biofuels policy is an acknowledgement that the biofuels initiatives over the past two decades have been a government sanctioned scam that did nothing more than promote crony capitalism. They took money from taxpayers and enriched the few. These programs have not worked and more of the same will not work either. Proponents seek profit though laws and regulations because they can’t compete in the market place for fuels.

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