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Mobility and the Fuels of the Future

Although the media give a great deal of coverage to electric vehicles, advances in battery technology and nonconventional modes of transportation, both the International Energy Agency and the Energy Information Administration (EIA) project that the consumption of liquid fuels — oil and gas — will continue to increase over coming decades. The increase in natural gas consumption will be primarily for electric power generation. Crude oil is refined primarily into transportation fuels — gasoline, diesel and jet fuel — almost 80 percent.

NextGen Vehicle: An Unclear Path

Although there is a great deal of hype about the next generation vehicle, thanks to the elaborate marketing of Tesla by its found Elon Musk, the path to that vehicle is not at all clear and its timing less so.  The enthusiasm over these efforts should be tempered by past experience.  Remember the Clinton Administration’s […]

The Wrong Kind of Bi-Partisanship

Senators Levin (Michigan) and Inhofe (Oklahoma) have recently introduced legislation to promote the adoption of natural gas vehicles( NGVs).  While the nation would benefit from a greater effort between republicans and democrats to find common ground, this initiative would take us further down a road that should be less traveled.  When legislation is introduced to […]

The Difference Between Wishing and Doing

The Obama Administration has a strong commitment to promoting electric vehicles and has made billions of tax payer dollars to achieve its policy objective.  And yet, electric vehicles remain mainly niche vehicles for the well to do who want to demonstrate their environmental values. Although GM, Fiat, Nissan, Volkswagen, and the overhyped Tesla are pushing […]

Electric Cars: Flawed Business Model = Flawed Results

Washington seems incapable of learning that industrial policy doesn’t work, and the fate of the electric car is tied to the President and Congress attempting to mandate a technology that simply is nowhere near being commercially viable.

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