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The Devastation of Energy Poverty

The McKinsey Company has recently issued a report, Powering Africa.  The first sentence makes a statement that is obvious—“There is a direct correlation between economic growth and electricity supply”.  It goes on to state that “if sub-Saharan Africa is to fulfill its promise, it needs power—and lots of it”.  The sub-Saharan region is starved for […]

Time to “Simmer Down” on Fiscal Crises

Fiscal brinksmanship – those seasonal scenarios during which our government tiptoes to the edge of the latest government shutdown, fiscal cliff, or sequestration – has become as much a part of the Washington political culture as seersucker on summer Thursdays. And thanks to the fact that we have grown accustomed to funding our government through […]

What Uses Less Energy: An iPhone or a Fridge?

Scientists agree that the cost of charging a smartphone is small, but they are bitterly divided over how much smartphones use when connected to the cellular network. MarketWatch’s Quentin Fottrell and Digital Power Group CEO Mark Mills join digits.    

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