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Is Aging Energy Infrastructure a Problem?

The answer to all problems is not for the federal government to throw money and its power at them. In the case of our energy infrastructure there is clearly a role for the federal government but it should be directly related to what part of the infrastructure is being addressed. In the case of our […]

A Needed Wake-Up Call

In regards to our nation’s energy grid systems and vulnerabilities, what this country needs is a wake-up call. Instead of focusing on what Senator Murkowski stated was “a dangerous leak of highly sensitive information”, the media should instead be focusing on why so little has been done to reduce grid vulnerability. It has been known […]

There are No Free Lunches

Although this week’s question addressed electric power, gas and water, our most critical need is to upgrade the electric power grid. The problems of upgrading the grid reflect the complex structure of the electric power system, the lack of real competition in about half of the states, and a lack of a national strategic vision […]

How Much Safety and Reliability Is Enough And How much are We Willing to Pay For?

Almost every hour of the day and almost every day of the year, our electrical system provides the power that consumers and industry need and expect. But, as we have learned from blackouts over the past 20 some years, from weather related outages, and now from reports of attacks on substations and transformers, that is […]

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