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The Fog of Uncertainty

Former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was know for his comments about knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. The economic impact of the sanctions on the Russian oil and gas industry and Putin’s patrons can be reasonably known. The potential effects on European nations can also be known within reason. Those effects will not be trivial, […]

Open The Spigots

Instability and conflict in the Middle East is on the rise and with it there is a greater risk that oil production could be interrupted. In Iraq, ISIS forces have put the country on the brink of civil war. Oil production in the North has been disrupted but that has been offset by production in […]

Murkowski”s Moment

This week Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) will meet with Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker to discuss expanding the classification of refined oil exports to include condensate products. The meeting comes as part of an important larger movement in Washington to relax decades-old restrictions that create a glut of domestic crude oil here at home. Sen. Murkowski […]

Free Trade Should Not Exclude Domestic Crude

The ban that has existed on exporting domestic crude oil was the result of a political knee jerk reaction to the 1973 oil embargo. It made no sense then and it is without any redeeming value today. Democrat and Republican Administrations and Congresses have been complicit in keeping the law on the books.  We have […]

The Solution To High Gasoline Prices: Let US Companies Produce And Sell More Oil

s millions of Americans hit the road for the holiday weekend, they’ll also be hitting the highest prices paid at the pump since 2008. Why should this be the case when U.S. oil production is actually skyrocketing? In the past half-dozen years, domestic oil production has grown by nearly 50 percent making the United States […]

Congrats To The Administration On A Baby Step Towards A Rational Oil Policy

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that a “U.S. Ruling Loosens Four-Decade Ban On Oil Exports.” But the headlines have it wrong.  The law of the land banning exports of crude oil has not changed.  The Administration has not “loosened” the rules, but has merely followed the extant law in grudgingly granting a couple […]

Failed Risk Management

The renewed combat in Iraq has caused oil prices to increase, although modestly so far.  The prospect of a possible curtailment in Iraq’s production has oil markets rightfully nervous.  Some analysts see oil prices increasing another $30 if production was shut off or significantly reduced.  That would take prices back to the $140 level that […]

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