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There are No Free Lunches

Although this week’s question addressed electric power, gas and water, our most critical need is to upgrade the electric power grid. The problems of upgrading the grid reflect the complex structure of the electric power system, the lack of real competition in about half of the states, and a lack of a national strategic vision […]

Growing Momentum for Energy Exports?

Support for lifting restrictions on U.S. energy exports is gaining momentum in Congress.  Recently, members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee put their support behind the growing chorus to lift restrictions on U.S. energy exports.  They join Senators Murkowski and Landrieu, the ranking member and now-chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee. […]

What’s the State of Obama’s Energy and Climate Agenda?

State of the Union addresses have become a real life version of land of the living dead. They are rituals that have little to do with the state of the union or actions needed to improve it. They are 40 plus minute laundry list of actions that the President wants accomplished that rarely set major […]

No Scarcity of Economic Ignorance in Congress

With US oil production booming, pressure has increased to repeal an archaic law that prohibits the export of crude oil without a license.  The law dates back to the early 1970s when OPEC nations imposed an embargo on exports to the US.  That was a time when many in the nation were obsessed with predictions […]

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