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Supporting Energy Means Investing in America’s Future

Late last month, the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) released the fourth installment of its annual report outlining the top companies investing in America today. But despite their overall findings that we are still suffering from a significant lack of investment and business capital spending, there are those who are still “betting on America’s future,” especially […]

Don’t Buy the Environmental Hype Against Crude Oil Exports

Allies of our nation’s environmentalist movement are not about to let facts get in the way of swaying public opinion in their efforts to garner support for its overreaching agenda.  Case in point: a recent column by the Center for American Progress (CAP) attacking efforts to lift the ban on U.S. crude oil exports. The […]

U.S. Energy Exports Are Fundamental Global Energy Security

Very rarely does Congress put the level of effort and attention into one topic as they have in debating domestic energy exports. But rightfully so. The shale oil and natural gas revolution has dramatically changed the U.S. energy portfolio in ways most could not have predicted and our current policies tuned to the notion of […]

Peak Oil Price? Winners And Losers At The End Of The Era of The $100 Barrel

What if the world never again sees sustained prices for oil over $100 per barrel? What if—absent exogenous black-swan events like major wars—oil never sells for much more than $50 per barrel for decades into the future? Who wins? Who loses? Short answer: The winners are consumers everywhere, and American businesses that produce oil. The […]

Oil Price Amnesia

Since the decline in oil prices began late last year, there has not been a day on which the media has not devoted considerable time to oil prices and the implications of the current state of affairs.  A lot of the commentary has been borderline apocalyptic because share prices of oil companies have declined, capital […]

Spend Time on Things Going Nowhere, Ignore Things That Matter

The President’s proposal is just another example of environmental zealotry and pandering to those who don’t care much for economic development and state sovereignty. To call this refuge an “amazing wonder (to be) protected for future generations” is to reveal how little he knows about it. It is a frozen desert, although the pictures shown […]

What was the Biggest Energy Success Story of 2014?

The continued resurgence of North American oil production tops the list. Just a few decades ago the conventional wisdom was that US imports would continue indefinitely, that we would be hopelessly at the mercy of OPEC and that “peak oil” would soon bring the end of the age of oil. Those predictions have now been […]

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