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OPEC: The Equivalent of the Wizard of Oz

Since the first embargo in 1973, energy officials and many members of Congress have accepted the notion that since OPEC is called a cartel, it must be one. In reality it is like the Wizard of Oz behind the screen. Its power comes from being seen as powerful. The reality is nothing like the image. […]

Five numbers reveal our energy future

When the newly elected Congress convenes in January, energy will be a priority. In fact energy is the “foundation” action item according to the just-released roadmap from Speaker of the House John Boehner. So this is a particularly good time to map out just how different the energy world is today, and will be in […]

What’s the Impact of Falling Oil Prices? Only Time Will Tell

The history of oil prices is that they never rise forever and don’t fall forever. The current situation is partially the result of the oil renaissance in the US. Production has reached levels not seen since the early 1970s. This increase represents about 90% of the increase in global production this year. But, this increase […]

Smartphones: The SUVs Of the Information Superhighway

We can “revitalize entire communities, and connect people to jobs,” said President Obama a week ago in a discordant speech on the economy at Northwestern University calling for more roads and bridges. During the same week, the president’s Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, was talking at a less-noted event about infrastructure too, the one that […]

America’s New Energy Paradigm

Since the first Arab oil embargo, US energy policy has been driven by the search for “independence”, concerns about energy security, a commitment to alternatives to move the economy off oil.  Policy initiatives have wasted hundreds of billions of dollars in pursuing these objectives because they were not based on energy realities. Over the past […]

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