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Policy by Illusion and Myth

George Schultz, former Secretary of Treasury, Labor, and State, and Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx, recently published a Wall Street Journal opinion piece—Making the Most of the U.S. Energy Boom—in which they argue that the US should establish a national goal of oil displacement. They assert that forty years after the first oil embargo, “de-linking […]

Biofuel Policy Follies

In this Policy Outlook, Institute CEO William O’Keefe examines federal biofuels policy concluding that history of federal subsidies and mandates for ethanol and its derivatives (notably, cellulosic ethanol) have failed. O’Keefe argues that federal mandates and monetary supports for biofuels have had little positive impact, but have come at great cost to the American public. He […]

Handouts are not Helping Hands

The Center for American Progress (CAP) and similar liberal organizations contend that government must help change the US energy mix.  Although past efforts over the past 40 years make clear that as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers told President Obama, “the government is a crappy venture capitalist.”  The verdict is in: industrial policy doesn’t work! […]

The Infant Industry Argument and Renewable Energy Production

“In this paper we review the necessity of government production subsidies for renewable energy on the basis on the infant industry argument, which argues that government support and protection of nascent industries is acceptable.

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