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A Framework for a New U.S. Energy Policy

In A Framework for a New U.S. Energy Policy,Institute CEO William O’Keefe and Institute President Jeff Kueter outline principles to guide the development of U.S. energy policy in the years to come.  Drawing on the lessons learned from years of ad hoc policy approaches to energy issues, the report details “the basic lessons learned over the […]

Market Forces: The Best Driver of Energy Policy

On November 4, 2013, Institute CEO William O’Keefe appeared at a conference sponsored by the Conservation Leadership Council to discuss a framework for energy policy making. His remarks are available in the attached document.

Big Data’s Green Creds

Some anniversaries pass with little fanfare. The Altos, the world’s first personal computer, was invented 40 years ago by Xerox at their Silicon Valley PARC research labs. Seeing it inspired Steve Jobs to create the epoch-changing Mac which led in turn to the proliferation of billions of computers around the globe.

Why Peak Oil Is a Myth

Institute Director Mark Mills discussing whether the world is running out of fossil fuels.      

Information Technology Has Created a New Electric Demand Paradigm

Since the days of Thomas Edison and his New YorkCity Pearl Street Station, the first central plant to produce commercial electricity, economists and policymakers have considered growth in electricity demand a core economic bellwether. That’s because the demand

Storage Wars Expand With Google Ready to Compete With Carbonite and Dropbox

One of comedian George Carlin’s great riffs was about our propensity to cherish and store “stuff.” We all like to store stuff.

Washington Silliness – Low/No Nukes and Cybersecurity

We call this the “silly season” in Washington, a favorite “inside the beltway” expression for the strange things that happen during election time – and when folks of all political persuasions say and do dumb things. This year is no exception; however, there are two recent ideas that transcend the usual electioneering goofiness. They are: Suggestions from the Obama Administration […]

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