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Potential Is Not Necessarily Practical

Productivity gains generally correspond to improvements in innovation and technology; efficiency on the other hand is related to producing a given level of output with less input. A quick scan of the summary material for the Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy reveals the group doesn’t appear to make a clear distinction between efficiency and productivity, and in places it seems to use them interchangeably. For the purpose of this topic, those terms will be used in the more traditional way.

Thelma & Louise, or Reagan & O’Neill?

Gridlock in Washington today poses a very real threat of throwing the country over the fiscal cliff and into a double-dip recession, all compliments of political dysfunction inside the beltway. And the consequences, however unintended, promise to have a dangerous impact on the energy industry. The agreement that created this dilemma may have appeared to be smart politics at the time but it was bad legislation, showing mainly that government wasn’t working.

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