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What’s next for Keystone? Shenanigans and More Theater

It is shameful that the President engages in the theatrics of trying to create the impression that he can stop Keystone XL in its tracks. He can’t but he can add to its costs and further delay the economic benefits to the domestic economy. The fact is that while the President postures about his veto […]

Keystone: A case of cognitive dissonance

President Obama likes to take credit for the increase in domestic oil production and its contribution to economic growth and job creation. But when it comes to doing something positive about oil, his true biases come to the surface. The President’s tendency is to pander to his environmental constituency. He typically reflects his hostility to […]

Three Pinocchios

Over the past months and right after the Senate defeated legislation authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline, President Obama said that the pipeline was just to move Canadian oil through the US to the Gulf Coast for shipment overseas.  He has also said that he is concerned about it environmental impacts, the small number of jobs […]

Will Obama Veto the Keystone XL pipeline? Probably

The President has dithered over this issue for six years. His slow walking may make him look good to his environmental base but to almost everyone else he looks like a foolish ideologue. This project has been studied to death and it is clear that it is in the best interests of both the United […]

What Would A GOP Senate Mean for Energy Policy? It All Depends

Both parties have to figure out how to advance their longer term agendas with a Congress controlled by Republicans. A lot depends on President Obama and whether he morphs into Bill Clinton after 1994 when he willingly worked with Newt Gingrich to pass legislation and benefit from a booming economy that occurred. President Obama may […]

Do Falling Oil Prices Change the Math on Keystone? Probably Not

Keystone XL is a long term capital investment. As such, the economic decision to proceed with it, all other considerations aside, depends on the long term outlook for oil prices and alternatives. The current decline in prices is not likely to affect the decision to proceed unless they substantially reduced TransCanada’s capital spending. Even with […]

It’s Blowin’ in the Wind

Politicians usually campaign one way and govern another. Campaigning is about getting plenty of favorable media attention and rounding up delegates to actually get the nomination. Mrs. Clinton, like every other candidate, will look at where she can get the needed delegates and tailor her messages to those voters. Those messages might seem more pragmatic […]

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