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Dysfunction, Ideology, and Illusions Undermine Serious Policy

The democrats want to pass the Shaheen-Portman legislation which is not very meaningful. Yet, they will not permit amendments to the legislation. The Republicans want a vote on Keystone XL and one on LNG exports which Senator Reid won’t permit. So, nothing gets done. Indeed, the Senate failed to vote for cloture Monday. Not passing […]

Leadership: AWOL

The President’s slow walking on such an important energy project could make a glacier’s movement seem like a sprint. Shameless and inexcusable are the only words that come to mind for the President’s inaction. It is ironic that the President has spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks talking about income […]

Presentation by Stephen Eule on Energy Policy

Presentation by Stephen Eule, Vice President for climate and technology at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, at the February 25th Institute event discussing energy policy.  More information on the event is available at

Commentary: Keystone XL — the cost of politics and illusion

For over five years, the Obama Administration has delayed a decision on the Keystone pipeline because of alleged concerns about environmental impacts, especially climate change.  The Administration’s non-decision process has been strongly supported by its activist environmental allies who have made extreme and unsupportable claims.  Now, the truth comes out from the former Secretary of […]

Hamlet Obama: Giving Slow Walking a Bad Name

The fact that the State Department has issued its “fifth final environmental impact statement” is unambiguous evidence that President Obama is attempting to run out the clock to avoid making a decision as long as he can. Unlike Hamlet, who couldn’t decide, the President simply won’t decide. The delay in approving Keystone XL Pipeline’s final […]

Mills Testifies on North American Energy Exploitation

On October 29, Institute Director Mark Mills testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on The North American Energy Infrastructure Act. The testimony is available at  

Time for the U.S. to Emulate Mexico

Institute Director Mark Mills considers recent changes in Mexico’s energy policy and suggests there are important lessons for the U.S. Mills argues that “and in a reversal of roles, Mexico is setting an example that the United States should follow: not just permitting, but encouraging, private investment in publicly controlled energy resources.”  See Time for […]

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