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New Opportunities for US Natural Gas Industry with Japan’s Entry to TPP

During his confirmation hearing, Secretary of Energy designate Moniz gave a strong endorsement for the export of natural gas, and just last week the US Trade Representative gave the go ahead for Japan’s entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP).

Hot Air About Natural Gas Exports

In his February 1 article on, Ron Bailey writes, “To the extent we live in a ‘post-truth’ era” lobbying policy-makers “is in good measure because it pays so well to dissemble, exaggerate, and spin for government grants and favors.” If he had written that today, he might have been referring a recent Wall Street Journalopinion piece by Dow Chemical’s CEO, Andrew Liveris, called “Wanted: A Balanced Approach to Shale Gas Exports.”

Don’t Limit LNG Free Trade

A new special interest group, America’s Energy Advantage, is advocating restrictions on LNG exports in an effort to manipulate prices, thereby allowing AEA member companies to enjoy outsized gains on the sale and export of their products.

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