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Natural Gas: The Hostage of History

On March 25, Senator Landrieu, the new chair of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing addressing the logjam on exports of natural gas.  That this hearing should even be held is a prime example of the unintended consequences of federal laws that have long since become obsolete. In 1938, Congress […]

The Consequences of Procrastination

The Crimean situation demonstrates the unintended consequences of procrastination and policy driven by climate ideology.  Although the US and EU may impose biting sanctions on Russia for its invasion of the Ukraine, the economic and political consequences may be worse because of the repeated failure of the West to face up to the reality of […]

Analyzing Energy Policy Trends

President Nixon, in his 1974 State of the Union Address, declared: “Let this be our national goal: At the end of this decade … the United States will not be dependent on any other country for the energy we need …”[1] Since then, every US president, regardless of party, has echoed the need for energy […]

Leading From Behind, Again

The President’s acceptance of the current oil and gas boom as a major economic driver reminds me of the man who runs to the front of a parade and then claims to be leading it. For several years, the President employed an “all of the above” rhetoric that did not match his actions. Now, in […]

America’s Unevenly Distributed Resurgence In Manufacturing Starts In The Shale Fields

Institute Director Mark Mills discusses the positive economic effects of the expanded production of domestic energy in Forbes.  Mills concludes: “The effects of the boom in the energy-intensive manufacturing ecosystem will inevitably ripple out, catalyzing more manufacturing both upstream and downstream.  New less energy-intensive manufacturing businesses will take advantage of the proximity to low-cost high-reliability supplies […]

Let’s unleash the North American energy colossus on NAFTA’s anniversary

Twenty years ago this month, a bipartisan congressional majority passed the North American Free Trade Act, enshrining the special relationship between United States, Canada and Mexico. Since then, all manner of goods have traversed the northern and southern borders without impediment, thanks to NAFTA. But only if those goods are carried on planes, trains or […]

Mills Testifies on North American Energy Exploitation

On October 29, Institute Director Mark Mills testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on The North American Energy Infrastructure Act. The testimony is available at  

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