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Peak Oil Price? Winners And Losers At The End Of The Era of The $100 Barrel

What if the world never again sees sustained prices for oil over $100 per barrel? What if—absent exogenous black-swan events like major wars—oil never sells for much more than $50 per barrel for decades into the future? Who wins? Who loses? Short answer: The winners are consumers everywhere, and American businesses that produce oil. The […]

Should We Keep the Jones Act? NO!

The Jones Act, formerly the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, mandates that waterborne shipping within the United States must be on US-built ships, that are registered in the U.S. and crewed by mostly U.S. seaman. The main purpose of the Jones Act was to preserve the Merchant Marine fleet after World War I. Whatever its […]

A Lesson from Alaska’s Fiscal Crisis: Approve AKLNG

Decades ago, the construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) transformed the state into a cornerstone to strengthen  American energy security, fuel the state’s revenues, propel unparalleled economic growth, and provide job security to thousands of Alaskans.  However, Alaska appears to be reaching a turning point in its history. Today, with the recent downturn in […]

Oil Price Amnesia

Since the decline in oil prices began late last year, there has not been a day on which the media has not devoted considerable time to oil prices and the implications of the current state of affairs.  A lot of the commentary has been borderline apocalyptic because share prices of oil companies have declined, capital […]

Fairness Calls For a Thank You

Since the first Arab oil embargo in 1973, every time the price of crude oil and gasoline has increased, so called consumer advocates and opportunistic politicians have accused oil companies of price gouging, price fixing and the like.  Over this time, the FTC has conducted numerous investigations of those charges and every investigation  has produced […]

Raise Gasoline Taxes? Instead, Congress Should Lift The Ban On Oil Exports

It was predictable. Oil gets cheap and now there’s a contingent in Congress looking to slap a new tax onto gasoline. What’s surprising is that there are some conservatives in both Congress and the pundictocracy also receptive to the notion, including the estimable Charles Krauthammer. It’s a terrible idea. Instead of raising taxes, the Congress […]

Strategy Still Needed to Deal With Putin’s Russia, Despite Oil Prices

Supporters of a rules-based international order are probably just a little bit pleased that neo-reactionary Vladimir Putin and his inner circle are experiencing an economic meltdown of unprecedented proportions thanks to tumbling oil prices. However, any Schadenfreude one might experience should surely be tempered by the understanding that the real victims of Russia’s economic woes […]

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