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Strategy Still Needed to Deal With Putin’s Russia, Despite Oil Prices

Supporters of a rules-based international order are probably just a little bit pleased that neo-reactionary Vladimir Putin and his inner circle are experiencing an economic meltdown of unprecedented proportions thanks to tumbling oil prices. However, any Schadenfreude one might experience should surely be tempered by the understanding that the real victims of Russia’s economic woes […]

A Four-Step Energy Strategy For Our Time

It’s a sign of the times: The Islamic State is getting millions in oil revenues. According to one news organization, the terror group is even recruiting petroleum engineers. And farther north, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko secured a promise from the White House last week for the U.S. to join in a review of his country’s Russian […]

Where Have All the Thinkers Gone?

In the years since World War II, the US was blessed with great foreign policy strategic thinkers like George Marshall, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brezezinski  and James Baker among others.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Kimberly Strassel—Meet Obama’s Kissingers—documented that unlike past presidents who staffed their National Security Councils(NSC) with foreign and […]

The Fog of Uncertainty

Former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was know for his comments about knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns. The economic impact of the sanctions on the Russian oil and gas industry and Putin’s patrons can be reasonably known. The potential effects on European nations can also be known within reason. Those effects will not be trivial, […]

Open The Spigots

Instability and conflict in the Middle East is on the rise and with it there is a greater risk that oil production could be interrupted. In Iraq, ISIS forces have put the country on the brink of civil war. Oil production in the North has been disrupted but that has been offset by production in […]

The Unintended Consequences of Going Green

The Ukraine crisis and the possible use of natural gas as a weapon against the Ukraine and Western Europe is an unintended consequence of EU excessive focus on emissions reduction and green energy.  By focusing on its green agenda to the exclusion of energy and economic security, European nations have made their current energy problem […]

Free Trade & Economic Self Interest Boost Diplomacy

It is unfortunate that the Ukrainian crisis has been the catalyst for renewed attention to the export of natural gas. In truth, the need for natural gas exports was already plainly obvious. The current limits beyond exports to free trade agreement countries are just another reflection of misguided energy policy. US LNG exports are being […]

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