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Market Forces: The Best Driver of Energy Policy

On November 4, 2013, Institute CEO William O’Keefe appeared at a conference sponsored by the Conservation Leadership Council to discuss a framework for energy policy making. His remarks are available in the attached document.

EV Bamboozle

From the rubble of failed energy industrial policy initiatives—Solyndra, Fisker Motors,A123 battery for example—we are told by the mainstream media that there is a success to celebrate.

The Green Trifecta Give Away

With this week’s announcement that battery manufacturer A123 has filed for Chapter 11, we have another example of a failed government industrial policy boondoggle. First, Solyndra, then FiskerMotors, and now A123. Of course, other green companies who fed at the public trough have gone under as well but this 3 have received the most attention from the Obama Administration.

Economics of Military Energy Use

After the Solyndra Corporation’s bankruptcy and the loss of over a half-billion dollars in federal clean energy loan guarantees, Congress has become more wary of subsidizing commercially risky energy projects. A new question, however, has arisen over whether our military’s operational energy vulnerabilities might justify Defense Department “investment” in energy innovation. Interest in using the military to support everything from biofuels to the deployment of small modular reactors, though, raises several questions.

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