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Punish Success And Reward Rent Seeking and Bigger Government

Real Clear Politics recently ran an article by a writer from the so- called Center for American Progress.  I say so-called because from the content of the article, the organization would be more accurately named the Center for American Distress or the Center for Political Bambozzle.  It uses and misuses tired old assertions about oil […]

Tax reform: A mountain too tall to climb?

The chairs of the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees have made tax reform a top priority.  Both are making a concerted effort to develop a consensus within their committees.  In addition, the special budget committee co-chaired by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has made tax reform a major […]

California’s Energy and Climate Agenda: California Dreamin!

The land of make believe is an economic nightmare that can’t have a happy ending on a Hollywood set. A report by the California Budget Project concluded that “government is dragging down the economy.” A survey of business executives ranked California the worst state in America to do business. It ranks last in new business […]

Approaching the Grand Bargain: The Reality and Myths of Energy Tax Credits

While Washington, DC is in the midst of a government shutdown and looming under the specter of the debt ceiling, discussions on Capitol Hill have turned to a grand bargain as a potential exit strategy.  Grand bargains are complex and probably involve too many elements to get quick agreement. The quickest way to ensure that […]

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