Disaggregation in the Era of Austerity: A Path Forward

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Date(s) - 1/30/201312:00 am


The TechAmerica Space Enterprise Council and the George C. Marshall Institute hosted a forum focusing on the pros and cons of DISAGGREGATION of military satellite constellations.  The U.S. Air Force expects to decide in 2015 whether to redesign some of its key space missions by dispersing payload sets currently flown aboard large satellite platforms to larger numbers of smaller craft. The disaggregation concept is being considered for two key space missions in particular: secure communications, including nuclear command and control; and weather forecasting.

Featured speakers included:

  • Marc Berkowitz, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Lockheed Martin
  • Peter Marquez, former Director, Space Policy, National Security Council
  • Josh Hartman, CEO, Horizons Strategy Group
  • William P. (Bill) Reiner, Director, Missions & Programs, Commercial Satellite Services, The Boeing Company

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