Private Sector Opportunities and the President’s Space Exploration Vision

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Date(s) - 4/7/200412:00 am


On January 14, 2004, President Bush announced a new vision for U.S. space activities. The initiative features a return to the moon for extended periods, robotic missions to the moon and Mars and human exploration of Mars.

Brig. General Simon “Pete” Worden (ret.) discusses how the private sector can contribute to the realization of the President’s vision. Within a few months, the X-prize flights – private ventures in manned space flight – will begin, financed by private investors and taking private citizens into space. Also within a few months, the DoD will launch a privately developed and funded rocket carrying a microsatellite into space. Billions more from the private sector are potentially available for space investment and private-sector partnerships with NASA. Important space missions have already begun with a privately financed solar sail mission carrying both NASA and commercial payloads.

A summary of the event is available Private Sector Opportunities and the President’s Space Exploration Vision

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