Space-Based Missile Defense: Has Its Time Come?

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Date(s) - 5/16/200112:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Dr. Gregory Canavan discussrf recent developments in space-based missile defense relating to effectiveness, affordability and impact on strategic stability. Dr. Canavan is Scientific Advisor at Los Alamos National Laboratory and has served on the Secretary of Defense?s Long-range Strategy Commission and as Special Assistant to the Air Force Chief of Staff, and is currently a member of the Army Science Board and the Air Force Space Command Independent Strategic Group.

Dr. Canavan works in the Physics Division Office of Los Alamos National Laboratory. In January, 2000 he was elected an APS Fellow through the Forum on Physics and Society for his contributions leading to the improvement of military science and technology and for leadership in the transfer of remote sensing and communications technologies to the scientific, civilian and commercial sectors. Dr. Canavan received his Ph.D. in Applied Science from the University of California – Davis in 1969 and came to Los Alamos in 1981 after serving as the director of the Office of Inertial Fusion at the Department of Energy and as a deputy to the Air Force Chief of Staff.


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