Space Issues in 2007

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Date(s) - 1/22/200712:00 am


The increasing dependence on space by the United States, its allies, and potential adversaries has stimulated much debate about the security threats and defense of our space assets. This forum, part of the Marshall Institute?s ongoing National Security Space project, will examine the issues influencing debates over national security space policy and programs likely to arise in 2007.

The proceedings of the event are Space Issues in 2007.

The discussion will be organized into three panels:

A. Is Space Important to U.S. National Interests?

  • Dr. John Sheldon is assistant professor of strategic studies at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Maxwell AFB.
  • Dr. Peter L. Hays is a senior policy analyst supporting the plans and programs division of the National Security Space Office.

B. Does the U.S. have a National Security Policy for Space?

  • Baker Spring is the F.M. Kirby Fellow in National Security Policy, The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies.

C. What are the Key Actions that Would Advance U.S. Interests?

  • Dr. Steve Hill is Founder and President of Global Analytics, Inc., providing system engineering and technical solutions to the National Reconnaissance Office, military services and defense contractors.
  • Theresa Hitchens is Director of World Security Institute?s Center for Defense Information.
  • Robert Butterworth is President of Aries Analytics, providing market analyses and program development services to government, commercial and non-profit clients concerning space and space-related R&D.
  • Philip A. Meek is an Associate General Counsel, Director of Space Law for the Air Force General Counsel.

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