The Cruise Missile Challenge

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Date(s) - 7/7/200712:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Briefly, the cruise missile challenge stems from the fact that they are a very attractive weapon system. Essentially they are attractive because they are hard to detect, they are adaptable, they are easy to transport, they are cheap, they are accurate and they are widely available. They are an instrument for achieving an asymmetric advantage over the United States. Those who are familiar with the Quadrennial Defense Review know that we are worried about asymmetrical challenges to our national power. They also provide a means for foreign nations or terrorist groups to project air power without actually having an air force. But an important thing to remember is this is not a hypothetical concern. In Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Iraqis fired five modified HY-2 cruise missiles at U.S. forces and really complicated that conflict.


Download PDF: The Cruise Missile Challenge

Mr. Kier’s slide presentation is available here: Kier-Cruise-Missile-Defense

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