The Emergence of U.S. National Space Policy: Considering National Space Policy Development from Carter to Obama

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Date(s) - 5/20/201112:00 am


On Friday, May 20, 2011 the Space Enterprise Council and the George C. Marshall Institute hosted representatives of every presidential administration, from President Carter to President Obama, for a discussion of the evolution of U.S. National Space Policy. Considerations of national space policy inevitably focus on the content of the policy and its differences with prior policies.

Implementing policy remains the critical stumbling block. The panel of experts shared their experiences developing and managing space policy and draw lessons about those factors that will influence the success or failure of the Obama space policy.

Each Administration put their own stamp on U.S. space policy, but over time core principles emerged and were shared by successive Administrations. Representatives discussed why changes were made to previous policies and identify those issues that drove debates over policy and programs. They discussed how organizational, institutional, and leadership issues affected implementation of the space policy recommendations of their president. Panelists discussed those areas of space policy that remained constant through the years and share the thinking of their respective administrations on the value and importance of those principles.

Panelists included:

Representing the Carter Administration

  • Art Morrissey

Representing the Reagan Administration

  • Gil Rye

Representing the George H.W. Bush Administration

  • Mark Albrecht

Representing the Clinton Administration

  • Steve Moran
  • Richard DalBello

Representing the George W. Bush Administration

  • Brett Alexander
  • Dr. Sean Kilpatrick (representing Gil Klinger)

Representing the Obama Administration

  • Peter Marquez
  • Jim Kohlenberger

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