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Remarks of Paula DeSutter on Russian Missile Modernization

On March 19, the Honorable Paula DeSutter delivered remarks to a Washington, DC audience at a Marshall Institute event considering Russia’s nuclear and missile modernization efforts.

Russian Nuclear and Missile Modernization Efforts Considered

  On March 19, the Marshall Institute hosted a discussion on Russia’s efforts to modernize its ballistic missile and nuclear arsenal.  The event featured presentations from Dr. Mark Schneider of the National Institute for Public Policy and The Honorable Paula DeSutter, formerly Assistant Secretary of State for Verification.

New Weapons in the Hands of Dangerous Regimes

Institute Advisor Dan Gallington published the following op-ed at US News –   Like a few others in my generation who were gluttons for punishment, I spent a lot of the 1980s in negotiations with the former Soviet Union over the future of strategic weapons – specifically, strategic defensive weaponry and its associated research, development […]

Current Developments in Russia’s Ballistic Missile Defense

In May 2012, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said: “Missile defense is an illusion – no matter how much money you invest in it.” At the same time, a source from Russia’s defense industry says that Russia plans to spend up to 20% of the State Armament Program for the period up to 2020 […]

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