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Congress must defend Defense’s budget request

Whatever tack it takes, Congress should reject any conditions President Obama may try to put on signing a defense bill into law that fully funds the very budget that the Pentagon says it needs and that he approved before it was sent to the Hill. The Pentagon’s budget request was sent to Congress on Monday […]

ISIS vs US: Why doesn’t Obama understand we are already at war?

Tuesday, news broke that the Islamic State had released a “Second Message to America” in the form of an Internet video in which it claimed it had brutally murdered another American journalist, Steven Sotloff. It’s almost impossible to put into words the horror of it. One can only hope that the people who sympathize with […]

Missile Defenses in Turkey

As noted in the 2010 Ballistic Missile Defense Review, Syria possesses a large and highly capable ballistic missile arsenal. The threat posed to the region by those missiles is heightened by the Assad regime’s increasing willingness to employ those missiles against his own people and by what is described as “the most advanced chemical weapons program in the Middle East.” […]

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