Butterworth et al - Returning to Fundamentals Deterrence and U.S. National Security in the 21st Century Roundtable


The scientific and technological questions underlying national missile defense have been a core concern of the Institute since its founding. Over the years, the Marshall Institute has examined the scientific and technical feasibility of missile defense systems as well as documenting the growing sophistication of ballistic and cruise missile threats.

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Putin’s Cold War II

The Russian leader is itching for a fight, but don’t expect the Obama administration to do much about it. For many of us older Cold War veterans, watching Russia as it has evolved over the years has been a combination of a sick comedy and tragedy. Indeed, it has moved steadily from post-Cold War chaos […]

China patiently challenges US military superiority

While the U.S. reacts to the scourges of Ebola and ISIS, China continues to patiently and steadily exploit weaknesses in U.S. military capabilities. The bipartisan U.S. China Commission is poised to release its annual report to Congress that details some of the specifics. The big lesson to learn from it is that the U.S. can […]


A renewed call for homeland missile defense: guest opinion

A ground-based missile interceptor is lowered into its missile silo during an mplacement at the Missile Defense Complex at Fort Greely, Alaska. (Contributed photo/SMDC) Editor’s Note: The missile system described below was developed by the Missile Defense Agency headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Va., but much of the research and development occurred at Redstone Arsenal in […]

First Connect the Dots

Revitalizing the US nuclear arsenal is essential but should follow, not precede, a comprehensive strategic review. The triad was planned and built to deter the Soviet Union and ensure survival for retaliation if the US was attacked. Mutual Assured Destruction may seem insane today but it worked and contributed to the eventual collapse of the […]

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Deadline on Iran nuclear talks pushed back till June

Negotiations to curb Iran’s nuclear program ended in a stalemate Monday, as the six-power group conducting the talks with the Islamic Republic pushed back the deadline for striking a final deal to next June. “No agreement has yet been reached, but there has been substantial progress,” the news agency RIA Novosti quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying as he left the talks in Vienna.

N.Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Missile

North Korea has conducted two or three ejection tests of a submarine-launched missile in Sinpo, South Hamgyong Province. The tests were conducted from a vertical launch tube on the ground since the missile appears to be in the initial development stage.

Hezbollah: Our new Iranian missiles are a deterrent against Israel

Iranian missiles with pinpoint accuracy that Hezbollah has received are the “real deterrent factor” in its confrontation with Israel, a leader of the militant Lebanese group told Iran’s Tasnim News Agency on Sunday.

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