Missile Defense in the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Request – Issues and Background

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) budget request for Fiscal Year 2008 (FY08), submitted to Congress on February 5th, is for $8.9 billion, a decrease of $500 million from the FY 07 appropriated amount. Within this budget, MDA has provided $4.0 billion for development of new capabilities; $2 billion for testing of new and existing capabilities; $2 billion for fielding of existing capabilities; and $900 million to sustain fielded assets. This marks the first decline in the missile defense budget since the initial Bush Administration budget in FY02. Within a Defense Department budget that is increasing by 11.3% over last year — from $440 billion to $481 billion1 — MDA is one of the few agencies to have its budget reduced.

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