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What the Heartland Response Reveals About Climate Activists

A reporter for a national newspaper covering the reaction to the stolen Heartland Institute documents asked me: Why does the question of climate change science matter so much to conservatives? Why do they fight these battles with liberals and scientists so fiercely, when no one on the national level is suggesting nationwide limits on greenhouse […]

Obama Mimics Al Gore, Claims Credit for Others Work

Al Gore’s self-aggrandizing claim that he “took the initiative in creating the Internet” has haunted him since he first uttered it during a 1999 CNN interview. It makes sense. In a society where people expect to be rewarded for their hard work and good ideas, the public generally abhors those who take credit where it’s not due.

Climate Zealotry Produces Bad Policy: Observations on Al Gore’s New York University Speech

The failure of Kyoto has caused many to recognize that technology and not energy starvation is a better road to take. Mr. Gore is an exception.

The Truth is Inconvenient: Evaluating Gore’s Claims About the Political Dimensions of the Climate Change Debate

Mr. Gore’s book should be recognized for what it is—a summation of a particular perspective on climate science, its implications, and the meaning for policy. They are undoubtedly his views and are shared by others.

Global Warming and El Niño – No Connection

The Vice President and scientists at NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) claimed in a press release that “new data and analysis suggest that global warming is exacerbating the effects of El Niño.” They further maintain that data from the ten strongest El Niño weather events over the last century show they are increasing in […]

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