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The Politics of Distortion

As a candidate, President Obama made famous the phrase, “words have meaning”.  And, propagandists know that if you repeat a false statement long enough, it will eventually be seen as truth.  So it is with the oft repeated use of the term “carbon pollution” to describe carbon dioxide—CO2– which in fact is a nutrient.  It […]

China media urges N. Korea not to conduct ‘nuclear, missile tests’

North Korea should abandon its nuclear ambition and refrain from conducting “nuclear and ballistic-missile tests,” China’s official Xinhua news agency said Friday, shortly after U.S. President Barack Obama warned the North against carrying out its fourth nuclear test.

The Outlook for Coal: A case of muddling through

The Obama Administration doesn’t like fossil energy but it has few real options for backing them out of the economy. Coal is the predominant source of electrical power and will remain so until coal fired units are replaced by natural gas or a viable clean coal technology. The turnover of capital stock is slow and attempts to accelerate that turnover or replace coal with “alternatives” will drive up costs and threaten the reliability of the grid.

More than Anticipated Less than Possible

Four years ago, if one were to predict that domestic oil production would reach a 19 year high in 2012 or that a natural gas boom would changing the shape of the economy, they would have been laughed at. President Obama’s ideology, and that of his appointees, has been hostile to fossil fuel energy. In spite of their opposition, domestic production is up, imports are down, and jobs and investment in the oil and gas industry are growing – all largely a result of affordable natural gas.

William O’Keefe: Will the Carbon Tax Make a Comeback?

‘I have listened to you, I have learned from you, and you’ve made me a better president.” So said President Barack Obama after winning re-election. But on the subject of energy it isn’t clear what he has learned. If news reports are accurate, the president’s second-term agenda may include pushing for a carbon tax ostensibly to reduce the deficit and address climate change.

Trade Disputes Stem from Our Own Policy

Our trade conflict with China over renewable energy issues is a conflict of our own making. China is simply responding to follies the US has made through large subsidies, production tax credits, and renewable performance standards and mandates. The worst thing that the government can do is to continue its industrial policy of propping up energy technologies that are not commercially viable. As former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers previously stated, the government is a poor venture capitalist.

The Slowly Sinking Clean Energy Policy

The Obama Administration’s clean energy program is reminiscent of the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. It is taking on water, the crew has no idea of what to do, and the band plays on.

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