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Examining Risks of Nuclear Waste Disposal

Jun24 Examining Risks of Nuclear Waste Disposal 12:00 am

Examining Risks of Nuclear Waste Disposal

Bernard L. Cohen is Professor-Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy and of Environmental and Occupational Health at University of Pittsburgh. He has authored six books, over 300 papers in scientific journals, and more than seventy articles in non-technical journals. He has presented invited lectures in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and South America. His awards include […]

Radioactive Waste Disposal: Nature’s Way vs. Government’s Way

The problem of the disposal of radioactive waste from reactors is one of the chief obstacles to increased reliance on nuclear power. In this paper, Dr. Bernard L. Cohen,
a physicist at the University of Pittsburgh, examines the problem and compares two strategies for disposing of “radwaste” from spent fuel.

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